Image description: A man stands in front of crowd for a cane training session. he carries a walking cane. In the crowd, there are a couple of service dogs, and people wearing dark glasses.
We’ve got some amazing things happening in our Beyond Vision Program. Right now, people with visual impairment and blindness are getting white cane and other Orientation and Mobility (O & M) training so they can stay independent and live full lives in our community.

This is important is because in the past the CO Division of Vocational Rehabilitation had services available, but restructured and cut some of those services, making it harder and more expensive for people with visual impairment who are not currently job-seeking with DVR to access O & M training needed to remain independent. Private services are cost prohibitive.

 We’ve raised some money and contracted with an Orientation and Mobility Specialist – this is a uniquely trained person w/ Master’s degree and years of experience – and started offering those skill-building trainings to people in the community at no charge to consumer.

 It’s blooming. Six months ago we had a few people tapping their canes, today we have 18 people getting trained, and that’s just one aspect of our robust Beyond Vision program that provides services to assist people with visual impairment or blindness in maintaining their independence.

To find out more about our Beyond Vision program and O & M trainings, visit our Beyond Vision page.

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