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Together, We Build Community

CPWD is a Center for Independent Living that provides support and services to all people with disabilities to help them live independently and to their fullest potential. We welcome your help and support.

Financial contributors play a major role in enabling us to offer services for little or no fee, ensuring that the support people in our community need remains accessible and available.

We also welcome volunteers to help us with gatherings, office tasks, transportation, and many other jobs and projects.

We always need quality used equipment including computers, furniture, assistive equipment and technology, as well as donations of food for events.

And, even if you are unable to give, we invite you to visit and get involved.

Supporting people with disabilities is most importantly about building integrated communities, and we welcome everyone to join us in learning and sharing about was to support integration and help our community flourish.

To find out more or to make a gift, follow the links below:

Thank you so very much for your consideration and generosity. Without people like you who genuinely care about others and are called to make a difference, we could not do what we do.

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