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Imagine a world where you were marginalized, discriminated against – subtlety or overtly – didn’t have the same access, privilege or opportunity that you saw everyone around you enjoying, and what you wanted more than anything was just to be accepted and to have basic rights – the freedom to live to your fullest, the freedom to make your own life and health choices, and the freedom to go where you wanted to go. It’s only been a few decades since the Americans for Disabilities Act, and in that time we have come a long way in providing basic rights for people with disabilities. But we still have a long way to go. Too many people with disabilities are institutionalized, lack services, are unable to get jobs, access transportation, or acquire equipment or support that would allow them to function independently.

At CPWD, we are balancing advocacy with action. We’re not fighting society, we are building community that is based on integration and equality. Yes, we talk to our lawmakers and State funders about ensuring adequate benefits for people with disabilities, and we also make sure that we work compassionately and skillfully with each person who comes to us. We need your help. Alone, we are siloed and risk a deepening social divide. Together, and with your support, we can continue our important work and build bridges between people with

disabilities and our community. We can provide the support our consumers need to effectively integrate and participate in this life and society that belongs to all of us. We are so grateful for your gift, your caring, your support. Without contributors like you, we could not make the difference we do in the lives of so many. On behalf of the many people we work with and for, we offer sincere thanks and deep appreciation.

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