Image description: A veteran wearing fatigues sits in a wheelchair and is hugged by his daughter. A text box highlighted in yellow overlays the top of the image. It says "A Hub-and-Spoke Model for Supporting Veterans. Near the bottom of the image is overlaid text that says "Implement the ready-made Veterans Independence Program at your agency". Below that is a button that says "Contact Us To get Started."
What is the Veterans Independence Program? The Veterans Independence Program is a consumer-directed, fee-for-service program funded by the VA that allows Veterans who need help with daily activities to remain at home instead of in institutional facilities. The Veteran can hire a caregiver of their choosing, including a family member, friend, or professional, as a paid position. Many Veterans have been able to live independently for years with this Home and Community-Based service. Below is a button that reads: Learn More about the Veterans Independence Program
Image description: A man wearing military fatigues hugs a woman as they smile.
Why Should I implement the hub and spoke model? Consider the top benefits of delivering the Veterans Independence Program at your agency: We manage the referrals, billing, and VA relationship We provide support, training, and expertise You provide the service and receive monthly fees per Veteran You create a new revenue stream for your organization You make a real difference for Veterans and families You expand your organization's impact and reach.
Image description: A woman named Emily Loos smiles to the camera. She is pictured from her shoulders up. She has shoulder-length light brown hair. The text reads: What a current “spoke” is saying… “Being a part of this program has been a great revenue stream for LIV Health, and it has significantly enhanced the services we’re able to provide — without having to take on the burden of building a brand-new program from scratch. In the past two years, we’ve been able to reach more than 60 Veterans in our community with life-changing services. Through this program, we’ve seen Veterans get amazing benefits that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.” — Emily Loos, Director of LIV Health

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