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Living a Meaningful Life

Not so long ago, just a few decades back, people with disabilities were severely marginalized in our society. Largely, they were either cared for by parents or institutionalized due to lack of services and funds available to support independent, meaningful lives for people with disabilities. Today, Centers for Independent Living such as CPWD offer comprehensive Life Skills Training Programs that provide people with disabilities with the training, resources and community needed to live independently. For more about the transition to independent living over the years, visit our history page.

What is Life Skills Training?

At CPWD, we define independence as a person with a disability reaching their highest potential. Because every person and every disability is unique, this can mean different things for different people. For some, successful independence may mean preparing a meal for themselves once a day, for others, it could mean being fully employed, in their own home. Someone with a cognitive disability will have very different needs and goals from someone with a spinal cord injury. To meet the unique needs of each person, our Life Skills Training Program builds a community around a person with disabilities that includes peers and professionals. Independent Living Advisors play a key role by working with the person with a disability to identify their needs and set individual life skills and independent living goals. Then, the people and the program engage the person to provide the training, resources and environment to work towards and achieve those independence goals.

Services Offered in the Life Skills Training Program Primarily Include:


Skills Training


Care coordination




Peer support

By working on skills, receiving the appropriate care, getting out into society, and having a community of support, people with disabilities of all kinds are successfully living independently and to their fullest potential. To find out more about CPWD’s Life Skills Training Program, contact us, and an Independent Living Advisor will be happy to talk to you. CPWD closures align with BVSD. Please click here to go to BVSD website; if they are closed or delayed, so is CPWD. If they are open, so is CPWD unless otherwise stated. Thank you. 

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Thank you to our approximately 30 Home Health Staff: CNAs, RNs, Skilled Staff, Homemakers and PCPs

In an independent living environment, people with disabilities have more control and choice over their lives, more freedom to reach for their full potential, and more opportunity to integrate with community.

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