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Comprehensive Services for People with Disabilities

CPWD’s Home Health Program provides comprehensive services for people with disabilities in their homes. The goal is to foster and maintain independence for people with disabilities by bringing the services – personal and medical – to their homes. By doing so, we reduce the risk or need of people with disabilities unnecessarily transitioning to nursing homes or being over-dependent on family members.

In an independent living environment, people with disabilities have more control and choice over their lives, more freedom to reach for their full potential, and more opportunity to integrate with community.

With Home Health services, people with disabilities can be assured that their basic needs will be met without threatening their independence. They receive support and services in the areas of safety, taking medication, bathing and dressing, preparing and eating food, and a variety of everyday actions that, depending on the person and the disability, require unique support or assistance.

Home Health services also save everyone money. They typical fees for Home Health services for one person with disabilities range from $12,000 to $20,000 per years. The typical fees to pay for one person with disabilities to stay in a nursing home range from $60,000 to $80,000 per year. These fees are all paid by Medicaid, which is supported through our tax dollars. Home Health not only supports independent living, it creates an opportunity to reallocate tax dollars to other important Health and Human Service needs for people with disabilities and our entire community.

Thank you to our approximately 30 Home Health Staff: CNAs, RNs, Skilled Staff, Homemakers and PCPs

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